6 Skills That Separate Poker Sharks from Poker Fish Part 1

There is always a world of difference between what an average poker player (a fish) is and what a pro (a shark) is. Consider watching the NBA Development League and comparing it against the NBA itself. There is a huge gap between them and it’s pointless to compare.

However, in poker, the edge is not as apparent as it is in other sports. This is what makes it even more fun, because after all, the game is being played with the same cards and the tactics can’t be determined by seeing the hands of a poker player alone.

So where is the edge in poker then? Well, the whole thought process behind each move and a deep understanding of the game itself comes into play. After all, when you watch high stakes poker tables online, you will eventually think are either crazy or too difficult to figure out. This and the following six skills separate poker sharks from the fish!

Attention to Detail

A fish will always pay too much attention to itself rather than studying different players at the table. Amateur players only think about what they have and don’t have. Poker sharks, on the other hand, watch each and every movement on the table. They will absorb all the information available and will then play their hands accordingly. To improve your attention to detail, focus on improving the following factors:

  • Your reaction to turn
  • The frequency of betting with the big hand
  • The Hands you show at showdown from a position
  • Your reaction to check raises
  • The Strength hands that you stack off
  • Whether or not you do fast play draws

Pro players always gather this information as this helps them in maximizing their expectations from each future hand.

Control On Emotions and Impulse

A Poker shark has a deep understanding of the game and will know that emotions should never take the better of him/ her. They will never let poor beats get to their head because they know it is part of the job and the whole poker experience. They are aware of the fact that poker is a long term war, not just a one-off battle. Pros will realize that money is significant, but not absolutely necessary. Not sweating on the bad hands, mistakes, and games; can make you a better player over time.

Ability to Adapt

Adapting to different circumstances is what separates a shark from a fish. For instance, playing rather odd lines may not be easily read by your opponents, which is part of the poker experience. If you employ one style of play for sustained periods, then don’t be surprised when other players figure out your game. A good poker player will bring an element of unpredictability to their style of play. If you know how your opponents play, you can adjust your style of play to beat them accordingly. Learn how to mix up your play as this can help you earn a lively income from your favorite game!

Be a shark at online poker and eat all the little fishes thanks to these tips: