The Basics of Poker Part 3

This is the third part of a 3 part guide series on ‘The Basics of Poker’.

So you finally made it to the final part! Congratulations, you’re just about to learn the betting rules and other aspects of playing poker. Without further ado, let’s get started with how some of the remaining ranked cards and betting rules can help you understand the most addictive game in casinos!

Aspects of Play

High Card – This can be any hand that does not qualify in any of the mentioned ranked hands. In this regard, if no one has a pair or greater hand, the highest card will win. When multiple people are tied on the highest card, then we will look at the second highest followed by the third to determine who takes the pot.

Betting – At the end of the day, poker is a gambling game so you have to bet. Generally speaking, you will have to ante something just to get your cards dealt, which will depend on what variation of the game is being played. Once all the betting amount goes into the pot, the highest hand that has not folded will take it. In betting, you have one of these three choices:

  • To Call – You will have to match the betting amount that has been made since your last bet. In this regard, if you bet a dime and another play bet a quarter, then you will owe 15 cents.
  • To Raise – If you raise, the first bet you placed should match the amount of bet that has been placed since then, after which you will have to ‘raise’ another betting amount, which depends on the limit. In this instance, if you bet a dime and another person raised a quarter; then you will have to raise a quarter, 50 cents in total.
  • To Fold – By folding, you will drop from the current hand and won’t be losing any amount. Likewise, the betting round will continue unless all players have called or folded after an initial bet or raise.

Betting Rules

Let us overview some of the betting rules of a five card draw. Each player on the table will be dealt five cards after which a betting round follows. Each player can discard 3 cards and will get back as many, but in some cases, it can be 4 if you have an ace or wild card. Another betting round follows suit and the hands are then revealed. The player with the highest hand will take the pot, and that’s how you play a game of poker! Poker sounds much easier than it actually is, because a number of factors come into play like psychological advantage, reading the cards, and so on.


Now that you know all the basics of poker, get started today by playing on free poker tables or tables with low stakes. Overtime, you will develop a certain style of play that can help you win bigger pots, after which you can try other variations of the game!

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