The Ultimate Texas Hold Em Guide Part 2

Let’s continue from where we left off in the first part of this guide and continue on with tells.

As you recall, tells are psychological giveaways that you have to observe, whether you are playing or have folded. You might notice that some players prefer to chant or rant when they want to go all in. Well a player who does is obviously not a good one as he/ she may just throw it all away. You may see this in online poker as well where players will complain or boast. This is where you can start analyzing their game and look at every sign to discover weaknesses in their game. Provided that you are calm and calculated throughout, you will likely know the right time to strike!

Betting Tips

In betting, you have to make a couple of decisions that will primarily include:

  • Initial Amount
  • Call/ Check
  • Raise
  • Bluff

During the betting period, observe the betting patterns, mannerism, tells, and any recognizable opportunities in your opponent. This can allow you to outwit them regardless of whether you have a strong hand or not.


Not everyone can bluff and it’s an art that people seldom have. The personal boldness to gain what you might not be able to earn considering your card value is a skill that is hard to come by. However, if you learn how to control your emotions and impulse in situations, you can develop what is known in the industry as poker face.

Always be careful with bluffing but don’t avoid it completely as well as it should be a constant part of your psychological strategy. Once you start to keep a mental calculation of your betting habits and how you are perceived by your opponents, you can start developing the art of bluffing. When bluffing at the right time, you can develop accurate tells and start playing safe betting patterns to your advantage.

Be Opportunistic

Poker is a game of chance, and in many cases, the player with the worst hand can win it all even if you have the best one. Remember that you will never always win in poker but if you are open to learning from your mistakes, you can take the right steps in your progress. Don’t’ just learn how keep your emotions under check, but play your best and study the game with each game you play. This will help you develop an opportunistic style of play which you can use to avoid making the common mistakes.

Keep Your Bankroll In Check

Having a large bankroll is a very stupid excuse to start playing sloppy. Remember that poker is addictive and you can lose it all in an instance. Continue playing as long as you are on top of your game. However, the moment you feel you are having concentration lapse or do not have the drive to continue, fold your hand and call it quits. Remember that your bankroll is very important in helping you make an earning from Texas Hold Em. The more you keep check of your bankroll and play accordingly, the more you will avoid making mistakes and losing what you earned.

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