6 Skills That Separate Poker Sharks from Poker Fish Part 2

In the previous part of this two part guide series, we discussed the first three skills a poker player needs to separate themselves from the fishes (amateurs). We discussed how attention to detail, playing with controlled emotions, and developing the ability to change your style of play can be helpful.

In this part, we will cover the remaining three skills that can give you more control over how you play poker. As mentioned earlier, in high stakes tables, the pros are the ones that are calling the shots and getting all their flush draws in. They make the table look like it’s on a 1 or2 cent table, that’s how good they are. So without further ado, here are the remaining tips that can help you become the poker player you want to be!

The Ability to Read The Game

Reading a game of poker is definitely not easy, let me tell you that, and in some casinos (based on their location), it is even illegal to do so. This is because the house wants to keep its advantage and will be keeping their eye on any players that are trying to outsmart the system. That said you can always learn how to keep track of players, how they are shuffled, and determine the probable hands in each players hand. This can allow you to have a fair idea of the best style of play and approach needed to win on the given table.

Range Balancing

Range balancing is more or less like adapting a varying style of play. In other words, a professional poker player will know that if they make the same move all the time, they will become easily predictable. To stop that from happening, what we do is balance the ranges.

To put it into simple words, we must learn how to play in such a way that whenever we make a move, the opponent is left thinking that the hand you played is either impossible or a bluff. Once they check raise flops with bigger hands, they will be able to do it as a bluff or a semi bluff. However, when you’re checking the action after giving up on the river, you will have to check with the intention to raise. If you give your opponent any room to give a second thought, you’re giving him/her your stack sooner or later.

Ability To Vary

Poker is a game of change and over time, we realize that the variables are ever changing. The best play possible will depend on a lot of variable factors, your image as a poker player, the style of play of your opponents, the previous hands played, and so on. This is why you should never forget that poker is a game of chance but changing variables as well. Hence, you should always be prepared to vary your game and recognize when to switch gears proactively. The ability to adapt to opponents, vary your game based on situations, and thinking one step ahead can help you become a poker shark!

Be a shark at online poker and eat all the little fishes thanks to these tips: