Texas Hold ’Em Poker Dos and Don’ts for Beginners

Texas hold em poker dos and don ts for beginners Texas hold em poker dos and don ts for beginners

If you’re new to Texas Hold ‘Em poker, then you probably are not aware of the fact that you can actually use strategies to improve your chances of winning the game. Texas Hold ‘Em is probably the most popular variation of poker and demands a player to be aware of strategies in order to have any chances of winning.

What Is Limit Texas Hold ‘Em?

For a beginner, the ideal way to start with poker is to pay limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Limit Texas Hold ‘Em features fixed bets as opposed to no limit Hold ‘Em. As a player, you should know a thing or two about hand selection, which refers to the type of hands that are going in the pot. Moving back to the topic, here are some dos and don’ts you should observe if you just started playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker!


Play Premium Hands – Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is played with bigger cards, and you should focus on plaer bigger poker hands likewise. These include high pairs like two Aces, two Kings, two Queens, and two Jacks along with hands of double cards from the Ace to Ten ‘limit’, which includes Ace and King, Ace and Queen, and King and Queen. While you should focus on playing bigger cards and pairs, remember to give suited and connected cards more consideration when they are available in your hand.

Watch You Position – If your action in the hand is later on, then consider playing a wider starting hand. For instance, Ace and Ten will land you in trouble if your hand is early, as it can be difficult to know whether players after you can have a better second card or not. Even if they don’t, it can be difficult to maximize your earnings. However, if you’re in late positions, you will have leverage and your decision will be much easier. This also makes it difficult for other players to put a hand on you.


Play Suited Hands Just Because They Are – Suited cards always look pretty but can spell trouble more times than you think. The odds of making a flush with suited cards (also known as by the river) are merely 1 to 15 in favor. In other words, your opponents will definitely take pleasure in drowning you in the river. Even if we assume you made a flush, you can still end up paying for more than you asked if you don’t play premium cards.

Assign High Value to Small Suited Cards – In no limit Texas Hold ‘Em, players prefer to play hands like 6s and 7s because they can allow them to win the bigger pots when they hit. In limit Texas Hold ‘Em, however, the bets size are fixed. Hence, it becomes difficult to build large pots that can make for the times you played small suited cards and had to fold, including when you’re playing them out of position. Heavy betting can make you give up small suited cards before even a turn or flop, hence don’t regard small suitors in high esteem!

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